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Welcome, magical soul, to the Lightworker Within Mentorship, your sacred space designed to nourish the lightworker within you. It’s a heart-centered journey for those souls who are ready to deepen their intuition, embrace their divine gifts, and transform their lives. We’re going to blend intuitive growth, energy work, divination tools, and spiritual connection, all wrapped up in a warm, nurturing cocoon of sacred soul community. This mentorship is your Hogwarts. It's a 10 month magical course that celebrates you stepping into your power, spiritual and personal expansion, and will support you in blossoming in every area of life.

Your Lightwork 101 Level Course



Sara put together a beautiful program for empaths to discover, develop, and practice their light work in a safe and supportive environment. Her knowledge and understanding of mindset, connection, tools, and energy is extensive; light workers of all skill levels benefit from her insightful lessons. The live and recorded meetings are thoughtfully run and so juicy! It was like we have all been friends for ages. The (printable) materials and online video supplements are great too! So many resources, so much yes. I could take this class every year and still learn something new!

Emily F

This course was A-MA-ZING! Sara is so thoughtful and knowledgeable and provides the information in such a fun, accessible way. I learned so much about myself and it completely changed my life. It was the anchor that I needed in 2020 to keep me sane, and positive in a challenging year. If you are on the fence to do it, then this is the sign you are looking for to sign up!

Jenn W

This program could not have come at better time for me. I was feeling a bit stagnant and this Mentorship program gave me just the boost that I needed and the courage to speak my truth and begin seeking a new career path. Thank you Sara!

Heather V

I came into this program unsure of my direction, but definitely unhappy and unfulfilled at work and in my life path. Through this program (as well as through the generous personal conversations you and I had on the side) I feel like I have a better understanding of how to KNOW when a decision resonates with me, and how to put boundaries around what does not. In these few months, my life has completely leveled up! I get to move to a new city that I've always wanted to live in, start a way better job that is much better suited for me, and I've even reached new depths in my romantic partnership. I truly believe that this is because I've learned how to align myself, incorporate daily spiritual practices, set and keep boundaries, and call upon my Team for guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Katelyn H

I feel like I’ve grown so much through this program. My boundary setting has improved immensely. I love myself more than I ever thought I could. And I feel super in touch with my guides/team. I wish there were enough words to describe the positive impact Sara and this program has had on my life. Sara’s open and honest energy pulls you in like a warm soft sweater, you know you are held and able to express any emotion. She created an environment that was safe and my self love, intuition and confidence grew exponentially. I am so grateful to call Sara my coach and my friend.

Jessica H

Sara’s gentle, loving kindness created a very safe, judgement-free space. The love and positive energy was palpable and I was welcomed with arms wide open by all of the sisters. I never felt any less of a goddess than anyone else, even though I was new to this program and really just recognizing all of my capabilities. I *am* a fucking magical and divine goddess.

Sarah K

I truly didn’t know what an impact this would have on me until I started practicing it more throughout the day. I feel much lighter at the end of each day than I ever had before. Also, trusting in sisterhood. In being vulnerable and open with my “sister circle”, I have felt more Love and acceptance than I could have ever imagined from a group of women I have never met. Sara is a true goddess of Light.

Kristin F

Sara holds a beautifully sacred, non-judgmental space to heal whatever it is that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams. She is devoted and invested in your success. I highly recommend Sara to anyone that is seeking a spiritually guided mentor. She will light the way! Sara's gentle and angelic nature creates a sacred space that allows you to support others and be supported.

Crystal J

Sara has such a welcoming and accessible spirit. While she is a force of feminine power and a a true spiritual teacher she also gives you the feeling of a friend you've known forever. Sometimes spirituality can be so serious...but with Sara it's joyful and based in real life applications. She truly cares about those of us she works with and that shines through every interaction.

Erin M

Sara is a true beacon of light! To say we have connected is an understatement. This was a true mentorship in all aspects of the word. She has guided me and helped me embrace my gifts and change my mindset about living as an empath and taught me how to embrace it instead of hide it! To say this class has been life changing is an understatement!

Alli R

I feel so inspired after doing this mentorship. Inspired to live the way i always felt was right for me. Somehow, years ago i strayed from my true path. I feel like I'm becoming aligned again.

Liz S

Being part of such an amazing sisterhood is both medicinal & magical for all!!! Being connected to others and feeling a sense of belonging is incredibly healing, and is needed by so many ladies (myself included!) These programs give me a sense of belonging that is incredibly precious. Thank you so much for facilitating such a magical experience!

Ashley B

  • Personal growth and transformation: Step into your potential with spiritual, practical and mindset tools.

  • Intuitive development: Discover, understand, and harness your intuitive and healing gifts to support yourself and others.

  • Spiritual connection: Connect, communicate and collaborate with your spiritual team.

  • Nurturing community: Become part of our soul family, empowering each other and growing together.

  • Flexibility: Blossom at your own pace in this pressure free container.

  • Personalized support: Receive heart-centered guidance and coaching that meets you where you are and honors your unique journey within this.

Some of the benefits of this program include:

Expand and Transform

Ready to spread your wings, magical soul? Let's embark on this beautiful journey together. It's your time to fly. The base program includes all the bonuses, support, and lessons. 

BASE PROGRAM | $1197 monthly


Includes everything in the base program PLUS a private 1:1 coaching session each month. These sessions will give you laser focused intuitive and strategic support on any area of your life and work. You will also receive a fabulous Lightworker Toolkit: including Oracle Cards, Lightworker Potion (spray for energetic cleansing), Crystals, and more!



  • A 10-month immersive journey, each month unfolding a new theme, designed to nurture your personal and spiritual growth.

  • Monthly classes in areas like empath protection tools, oracle cards, connecting with Spirit, energy work, energetic cleansing and more!

  • Bonus videos, workbooks, and guided meditations to support you in embodying the lessons.

  • Monthly soul circle calls, your safe haven to receive support, share your experiences and practice your blossoming intuitive gifts.

  • A private Facebook group for extra soul-nourishing engagement, motivation, and support.

  • Bonus healings, workshops, and ceremonies.

Some of the features of this program include:

Get Your Wings Fluffed

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