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Getting my Shit Together

Updated: Jan 18

I love that my body is so freaking sore in this moment from a Pilates class.

I love that I am healed enough from the 2 accidents in 2022 (horse and car), to be attending classes again.

I love that even though I have some limitations I didn’t have previously, I get to make modifications to make it work.

In the past I was always waiting to be “healed” before putting myself out there in various ways.

I feel so much lighter without the burden of “healed” in my life and instead celebrating that I am healing.

Healing is my goal now.

Can you feel how much less pressure that reframe holds?

Healed reiterated where I wasn’t. It was stagnant and future focused and sabotagy af.

Healing is where I am. It is fluid and forgiving. It is present moment potential and opportunity.

Spirit has been telling me over and over…

Don’t wait until you have your shit together to move forward. Get your shit together WHILE moving forward.

Yes. My Team uses grown up words, like me.

So today, on my half birthday (y’all know this Leo had to sneak that in), I’m feeling proud of myself.

This soreness represents me in collaboration with my spiritual team. Following the guidance. Healing. Intentional. Showing up where I am. Getting my shit together while moving forward. Stepping more and more into my authentic voice and my power TODAY. Not waiting for tomorrow.

Your turn, boo…

How does it feel to reframe from healed being the goal to healing?

In what ways are you sabotaging yourself by waiting to move forward until you get your shit together?

How can you take some action toward the big desires, while also getting your life right?

And if sharing your gifts with others is one of those aligned things you’re putting off, let’s freaking connect. Because the upcoming Lightworker Circle is all about that and is MAGIC!!!

Comment or click here and tell me you're curious. I am bursting to chat about this Circle with you.

Can't wait to witness you in your reflections. Remember what spirit said, "Get your shit together WHILE moving forward." Talk to you soon!

With love and wing fluffs,


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